Mad Avenue
Jon D'Amore

A wicked world of deception, greed, ambition…and lipstick…are just some of the hazards in this “What could possibly happen next?” romantic-comedy.

It’s a non-stop race to land a client, as six people with more-than-a-little dislike for one another mix-and-mingle in the honorable and exciting world of advertising. Well, okay…maybe it’s not so honorable, but it is exciting.

Twenty-four year old JEFF HOLLAND, the clean-cut All American Boy fresh off an Indiana farm, is fulfilling his dream…working on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue, the advertising capital of the world. He came to town four months ago to be a Junior Executive at Arthur, O’Connell & Ruppert, Inc.

In the same building, several floors above Jeff is WHITNEY QUINN, attractive, 30 years old, and the advertising industry’s most aggressive go-getter. She also happens to be Vice President of Dorsett & Mathers, Inc…but there’s something going on between Whitney and JAMES DORSETT.

Jeff is innocent to life on Madison Avenue…and leery of its fast-talking, corporate-savvy, street-smart women. But then, it could be because he has a secret he’d rather not share with any of them. Or maybe it’s because where he comes from…they just don’t do business the way they do it on Mad Avenue.

Whitney not only loves the fast pace of the advertising world, she’s also used to getting what she wants…no matter what she has to do, or who she has to ruin, to get it. It proves to be an interesting and volatile combination when Jeff and Whitney meet in an elevator…neither of them knowing whom the other is…or who they work for.

Words innocently uttered by Jeff during their brief, cordial conversation, evolve into “…the slogan of a lifetime.” Immediately and separately, Jeff and Whitney know exactly what needs to be done…and who to present it to.

They go after the same account; Devine Cosmetics. Each of them arrive armed with different visual presentations…but with the same slogan.

The problem? Whitney gets there first.
Devine Cosmetics is owned by GAIL BURRELLE, an attractive woman, tapping 60, with an all-business attitude, an appetite for younger men…and a need for a new slogan and ad campaign.

Whitney’s assistant, ADAM BRYANT, is black, efficient, loyal, can get any information on anyone, and has plans to be a Senior Account Exec.

Jeff’s assistant, REKHA VAJPAYEE, is East Indian, street-smart, and much more in tune to the workings of Mad Avenue than her boss.

By the time the Richter Scale stops moving, the smoke clears and the dust settles, the advertising world finds itself with a new dynasty to deal with.

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